Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Transportation Library

About the library:
The Transportation Library at Northwestern University is home to thousands of items with emphases in transportation, law enforcement and environmental impacts. The transportation collection deals with all modes of transportation including rail, water, road, air, highway and pipeline in both the United States and abroad. The law enforcement collection deals with police training and administration as well as traffic law enforcement. The environmental impact collection includes over 50,000 volumes regarding environmental issues since 1969.

Users of the library:
Students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University are the primary users of this library. However, other government agencies—that may need EIS information—as well as law enforcement and transportation communities also use the library; in some cases the documents may be shared for a cost of around $25.

Links to the library:



Jessica said...

I'm going to admit that I wasn't really interested in a Transportation library. However, I think the 50,000 volumes regarding environmental issues was pretty cool. I think it would be really interesting to skim through those and see what kind of issues there are.

Liz said...

I didn't know what to expect from this library, considering it was all about transportation. I was suprised though, when the librarian explained all of the aspects of the library. That explained the size of the collection! I wish we could've walked around a bit more, just to see what kind of literature was really there.

Maria said...

This part of the Northwestern libraries was the most surprising to me personally. I had never before thought about how many aspects could be included under the subject of transportation! I had always simply pictures cars, planes, and trains instead of contemplating the various aspects of this topic, such as environmental issues, laws, architecture, and economical issues!

Anonymous said...

The Transportation Library is probably very useful; it would have been interesting to see some books or view the law enforcement section. I also thought it was funny that the government calls to request books back, but I think it is smart to have a lending fee.

mercedez091 said...

I was not very interested in this collection but I do think it could be very useful for many. I think it is a great place to get any question on transportation answered. I was really amazed how many books were actually in this collections.