Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Digital Media Services

About the services:
The digital media staff at Northwestern University is currently working to digitize music, text, DVDs, videos and other media for easier student, faculty and staff access. They have recently digitized a collection of early African maps available to all. These maps were scanned at higher quality making them capable for zooming at a very clear level. They are also in the process of publishing an online translation of an early renaissance Latin publication regarding the human skeleton. In addition to these educational tools, the media center also houses DVD movies and television shows in circulation.




Jessica said...

The quality of the maps and the ability to zoom in so precisely was just incredible. I didn't know such technology existed! It was really cool to see. I also liked the Anatomy online book they have been working on publishing. What an awesome resource, imagine if all books could be online like that?

Liz said...

I thought that the digitization of these materials amazing. First of all, everybody can see them, and with incredible clarity! Second of all, these rare and aged materials aren't constantly handled because people can access them on the internet. All of this digitization does give rise to copyright issues though, which the librarian didn't seem too concerned about. She seemed somewhat confident in the policies that Northwestern are currently formulating.

Anonymous said...

The multimedia center seems to be expanding rapidly; the circulation of the DVD collection is astounding. I enjoyed the war posters in the hall on the way to the multimedia area. It is amazing to have the technology to scan so many maps and pictures online and then zoom in on them so closely. The progressive translation project on human anatomy was also fascinating.

mercedez091 said...

It was very interesting to find how advanced things are getting in the education area. I think it is awesome how the school and the members of the Digital Media Center are so eager to keep up with the dramatic changes in technology.

David B. said...

I think it is cool that they have such an extensive popular movie rental selection. These are the little things that I think are important. They keep people happy and are convinient.